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Super Bowl Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Dorie Greenspan's awesomeness never ceases to amaze me. Over on her blog she probably got the whole 5 boroughs back east there all excited about her upcoming CookieBar, a venture she started with her son last year. It's a pop-up cookie store where she apparently sells her home made cookies in a space of a friends salon in Manhattan, giving the general public the opportunity to buy her goodies during a small window of time. I believe it goes up for a couple of days until the days cookies run out. Then I guess she goes home and bakes more and starts over the next day.
She's concocted  "Jammers" a cookie topped with streusel and home made jam. The jam was created by a friend of hers and made specially for Dories Jammers. The idea for Jammers came to her in a dream she explains on her blog. Ever since I read that I have not been able to stop thinking about cookies. Last night I had to stop thinking and start baking.
I have to say I'm pretty proud of a pantry and freezer that was capable of offering up the goods without a trip to the store when the uncontrollable urge to bake cookies consumed me. Flipping through my ever expanding binder of "Things I've Actually Made" I snatched out the cookie recipe I've come to think of as my very own since I adopted their browned butter awesomeness for my Christmas edition. Well, actually the browned butter was my own idea...well Smittens idea so that's how I've made Chef Eric Wolitskys cookie my own.
I baked up the whole recipe rather than reserving some dough for the freezer. I'm curious to see how long these last...or how long their chewy goodness lasts.
Every day I go to Simple Pleasures and I see what looks like the same plastic wrapped cookies plated up there. There are stacks and stacks of them. There's a decorated sugar cookie that I swear has been there for weeks. Who ever does those seems to change their looks according to holidays and seasons which leads me to believe that those pink petaled flowers are the same ones and not a new batch that's been replenished every couple of days ago cuz they're such hot sellers.

Thus I'm creating my own cookie time-line:

Day 1: baked up the Chocolate Chip Cookies Saturday night (the 5th) and of course fresh outta the oven...well I managed to give them a ten minute cool down...they're freakin' divine. These are a soft chewy cookie made with melted browned butter. The sugars are mixed into the slightly cooled butter and begin to dissolve. Two whole eggs and 2 additional egg yolks are slowly beaten in to create the moistest chewyest cookie ever...and they're big. I forget which # my scoop is but it's BIG. they spread out to about 3 inches.

Day 2: The next morning I've taken a couple with me to enjoy with my coffee at Simple Pleasures. There's not one cookie here of the dozens of offerings that I'd rather be eating than my own. Note to self: Storage. Zip-Lock bags vs. plastic container vs. individually plastic wrapped. Toss a few in the freezer too.

Day 3: Back at Simple Pleasure with three cookies that have been stored three ways. All remain moist and chewy. They bend slightly before they break. I really like the flavor of these Ghirardelli chips. They're larger than other chips I've used so they pack a punch in every bite.

Day 6: As I polish off the last cookie with my coffee at Simple Pleasures I can honestly say it was just as good as day one.  If it was stale I couldn't tell.

I gave a dozen to the good samaritan who found my wallet...Yay!

Chocolate Chip Cookies. Done.

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