Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Bowl Full of Buttery Bliss

Melissa Clark calls this Buttery Polenta with Parmesean (and Olive Oil Fried Eggs). I'm all about the poached egg these days, but she had me at Buttery Polenta, well honestly? just whilst I was perusing the bulk bins at Whole Foods the other day I see Polenta and suddenly I'm hearing the word Buttery in a soft faraway echoey whisper over and hour later I'm stuffing a bag of polenta into a glass jar which is then forgotten.
Until yesterday morning...a gorgeous sunny day, it's my day off an somehow remember the polenta and.... Oh. My. God. Buttery Polenta with Parmesean is my new most favorite thing ever.
Bliss in a Bowl.
'Nuf said.

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