Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Little Kitchen Bento

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I'm not exactly sure what a bento box is but they always look so cute when I see pictures of them on menus.
Common sense would say all of your food groups are represented in ideal proportion.
Though there's no meat here there's plenty of protien in the nuts and farro. Veggies galore in asparagus, tomatoes, onions and leeks. Applesauce provides the fruit. Ummmn dairy? well what's not pictured is the yogurt that accompanies the apples or the parmesean that tops the farro. Not bad for an evenings work.
This was the out-put of my last kitchen frenzy...and the leeks don't look half bad in the morning light. That's them on top. The farro and asparagus served me up a couple of power-fueled weekend breakfasts with a poached egg. This is an awesome alternative to the breakfast burrito because it serves the same purpose.
The peanut salad? This will be a lovely little accent on a brunch plate. Definitely entertainment worthy!
Applesauce? Fantastic as usual although the Vietnamese cinnamon didn't pack the punch I was expecting. I guess Penzy's Extra Fancy Vietnamese Cinnamon compares differently than Rainbow Bulk.
That's a Green Onion Sauce on top...an interesting treatment of scallions that provided a nice little kick to the farro and asparagus along with the parm & egg? I've become a huge fan of this dish.
It's my weekend now and the weathers taken a down turn but it's all good. It's domestic goddess day. Goodwill purge, Pizza and coleslaw. I'm re-arranging the kitchen today...trying to expand my pantry.
Bring on the good Chi!
Oh and this a.m. I happen to open DG's newsletter and she's got a little vid of her and Junior in the kitchen preparing the Jammers. She's baking them in metal rings. They look like biscuit cutters. The sable is topped with a dollop of jam and the sprinked with streusel.
Methinks this warrants a trip to Daiso for more space saving pantry storage and a look-see for biscuit cutters. Her Jammers are the size of biscuits!

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