Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crunchy Brunch

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This was sooooo good I had to make it again. This is the Pan Roasted Asparagus with bacon bread crumbs and a poached egg I adapted from Melissa Clarks book. I feel satisfaction oooozing outta me like this perfecty poached egg. I've purchased more asparagus in the last ten days than I have in my entire life. May Wah market has them for $2 a bunch and I can't seem to get enough. The same holds true for mushrooms. I've got that mushroom and farro soup on the to do list over the next two days as well.
I ventured into a new market in Japantown yesterday. I was looking for mushrooms. They had 6 oz. packages of shitakes for $2.99. not as good as may wah (only 1.99 when they have them). I've got portabellas, shitakes and dried porcinis queued up for soup, a bag of farro (found at Whole Foods) and a giant bottle of sherry ready to roll.
Dorie Greenspan still has me thinking of cookies though I've been eating these chocolate chips for days now. I wanna make Sables!

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