Friday, February 4, 2011

'Shroom & Barley Soup-A New Day

Mushroom & Barley Soup, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.
A definite improvement. The bright light of a sunny Spring morning, but wait! it's still Winter. I'm so glad I live in California. Soup's on for breakfast. Nothing wrong with that. Two thick slices of Acme sourdough boule and I was good to go. The day was busy therefore no time for kitchen grazing and I didn't really feel hungry until around 3pm. By 4:30 there was another bowl and some bread ready to go.
I stopped at La Boulangerie for another loaf and then to Mollie Stones to get some farro, so now I'm almost ready for round two. Tommorrow night I'll hit Clement St. for some more 'shrooms and make this baby up again. This is one recipe that begs to be doubled. That's a whole lotta 'shrooms.
Shall I share it? I'm fairly torn about that. Love Love Love this!

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