Saturday, February 12, 2011

Farro with Green Onion Sauce, Walnuts and Asparagus

What to do with all this farro I've been collecting all week. Super Natural Cooking to the rescue.
It's such a great feeling to peruse a bunch of tasty looking recipes to find I've got almost everything I need on hand to make it. This recipe was a triumph in several ways.
Farro? my new favorite thing. I cooked it in chicken flavored vegetarian stock (Whole Foods bulk product). It takes a long time but planning has always been the key to good cooking and eating.
I actually USED all of the green onions I bought! And the most wonderful thing was while I was at Whole Foods yesterday I bought Parmeseano Reggiano. The best $7 I've ever spent.
Which leads me to a new epiphany (that's been happening a lot lately). After my $19.00 trip to Whole Foods, which always makes me happy anyway...and um mn yes I bought another leek (a big fat one that weighed a whole pound), I had a bit of a struggle loading up my bike basket. It was a moral struggle. I weigh out whether or not to pop down the hill and have a cocktail at my old hang-out. I've been trying to ween myself of that habit for a lot of reasons starting with their putting the kibosh on Happy Hour. So $18 (for my 2 well drinks) later I'm walking up the hill back to my bike thinking "WTF?!????? Why did I just do that? Do you know how much fun you would have had spending that money at Rainbow or Whole Foods?" I was so pissed off. And the hour I'll never get back...well hell...I felt guilty for spending that money with absolutely no pay off vs. what I've discovered about the money that I spend for my kitchen. THAT pays me back in so many ways.
I got home last night and immediately made the Mustardy Leek Salad. I didn't over cook my leeks this time and I managed to let my leeks chill and develop for several hours and they rocked. Still not pretty to look at but it's got a great personality!
Next up was the Peanut Salad: roasted peanuts, tomato, lime, cilantro & jalepeno with a little olive oil, salt & Pepper. I turned out picture perfect and tasty to boot (no worries mustardy leeks I still love you) and finally the farro which was so elusive in the beginning. Farro. I've found you and must make you mine.Talk about power food. This stuff seriously packs a punch. The farro is cooked in chicken seasoning (or vegetable stock) and the aspargus is added just before the farro finishes then you add toasted walnuts and lemon zest. Top it off with sauteed green onions that have been slightly processed into a chunky sauce and shave a little parmeseano reggiano on top and seriously? this is DE-lish! I heated some up for breakfast with a poached egg on top and I did not start feeling hungry until after 2 and it only took a couple of bites of the peanut salad to take the edge off. Then I had a small bowl of farro & mushroom soup with a chunk of bread before I left work. Life is good.
oh!... and by the time I remembered the leeks I was too stuffed to do nothing but taste and evaluate. So now I get to go home and see what 24 hours does to it. Wheeeee!

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