Friday, November 5, 2010

Views From A Little Kitchen

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While Michele's Little Kitchen is looking for its groove, its mojo, its raison d'etre I'm just gonna write about whatever I want as I learn how to maneuver my way around this whole blogging thang.
This will be about my kitchen and all the things that go on in it. The Little Kitchen is also a little studio within my slightly larger studio. Within the Little Kitchen is a large table. I call it my work table/desk/kitchen table. It's here where the magic happens. Right now there's a brand new Singer sewing machine sitting on it. Last week I knocked off a Kate Spade skirt that Nordstrom was selling for $400. Although the fabric wasn't as glam the construction was pretty awesome. As soon as I figure out how to insert photos within the text of an entry, pics will be edited in here.
This will eventually be about what I cook, how I cook it, how I manage what I cook and most importantly who gets to share in it..
Mostly I just have fun playing around with my camera on my cheapo cell phone and a very rudimentary computer set up.
While getting this and my writing up to snuff I'm just gonna write about my pictures.

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