Friday, November 12, 2010

Black Bean Breakfast Burrito

Black Bean Breakfast Burrito, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.
Several months ago Simple Pleasures started carrying breakfast burritos. They're freshly delivered every couple of days or so from a bakery up in Sonoma. It took a while for them to catch on. As much as I love burritos the idea of eggs and bacon inside one held exactly zero appeal to me so I had never gone there until....
...well, they started selling like hot cakes so my curiousity got the better of me and I gave it a go. They offered up three choices: Ancho, Bacon or Black Bean. What appealed to me right from the get-go was the presentation. After an initial blast in the microwave they throw the burrito in the panini press and then slice it diagonally. It's crispy and easy to eat with your hands.
Ingredients were simple: black beans, potatoes, eggs, salsa and cheese. Result: seriously tasty and filling. I'm hooked.
Instead of spending $5 a pop I decide to make my own, keeping my Weight Watchers food tracker in mind. I start with a low-fat, high-fiber whole wheat tortilla and Cabot reduced calorie cheddar cheese. I roast a couple of potatoes with a little olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary then mash 'em up a little with some salsa. I cook a cup of black beans in the slow cooker so I'll plan that in the night before. When they're ready the next a.m. I mash a little salsa in with the black beans, scramble up 3 eggs then mix in more salsa. I get everything around the cutting board in bowls and finally I steam 4 tortillas in one of those plastic tortilla warmers in the microwave for a minute. Then start building the burrito.
As much as I've tried I can't get an appealing photo because the innards are a mess but they sure taste great. I make enough for the week so all I have to do is nuke one for a minute then I throw it on my little stove top grill pan. I like that I can nosh on it while I'm getting ready for work.
One of these will fuel me through my 30 minute bike ride to work and some pretty intense work activity.
The best thing is that in Weight Watchers world these are only 6 points. Thanks Simple Pleasures!

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