Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Herb and Goat Cheeseball or Goat Cheese Ball or Goat Cheese Cheeseball?

I bought a new digital camera on black friday. I've been beating myself up ever since because I thought it redundant and a waste of good money. "I'm gonna be homeless!" I keep whining to myself, because of that damn $79. "What was I thinking?"
Well I managed to get everything loaded properly...I think, so this is the first pic from the new camera.
This was the other cheeseball that I forgot to bring to the Little Sister Kitchen for Thanksgiving. I'd left it in the freezer where it sat for three days before I moved it down into the fridge. I remembered to buy the chives last night and tried to turn out a ball as perfect as the Beer Cheeseball but it turned into a hot mess. It was way too gooey. I slapped it around my bowl of chopped chives and just let it be. It tasted like a dream. Tangy, herb-y & cheesy.
This morning I thumbed through Sam the Cooking Guy and found his uh recipe for Won Ton Chips: slap sheets onto an ungreased cookie sheet and bake @350 for 8 minutes until they just start to brown. Yum...breakfast!
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