Monday, November 22, 2010

I Need Pretty Pictures

I just got this from the library and can not wait to get started. Around My French Table. Dorie Greenspan I love you. Matt Bites I love you too.
Many weird coincidental happenings these last coupla days. In the wee hours of the early morning after my recent Little Kitchen meatball debacle I was in between Smitten Kitchen posts and ventured over to Matt Bites where I was greeted by a gorgeous picture of some glistening carrots. Dorie Greenspans carrots! I had only just earmarked it that verysame morning for the Little Kitchen Thanksgiving Table. I loved Matts glowing raves of the book and of Dorie (who even commented on the post with her thanks-did I already mention I Love Dorie Greenspan?) and I felt like The Good Foodie for having possession of it right in front of me. This book could make me recant my promise not to buy any more cookbooks. Anyhoo I'll be cooking my way through this for the next couple of weeks.
There was also another interesting post on Matt Bites. A cookbook author had tweeted her disappointment at her latest Amazon rating. A 3 for lack of photos. She tweeted the question: Do cookbooks need photographs? Responses were mixed but seem to lean heavier toward the Yes. This coming only hours after my meatball debacle only confirmed my Yes. Several commenters stated that good writing, citing Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, can overcome the lack of photos. Another cookbook in my possession...and yes, I can agree with that too. The Celery Root and Apple Salad turned out lovely.
I've got these two paragon cookbooks in my hot little hands and though Dorie has a deadline that's where my comfort zone lies.

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