Monday, November 15, 2010

Cookie Contestant # 2

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This leaning tower of de-lish came my way via The Amateur Gourmet which came his way via chef Eric Wolitzky, currently a contestant on Top Chef Just Desserts. These cookies were in the elimination challenge and the recipe can be found on or on the Bravo TV site. I haven't figured out how to add links and until someone actually asks I've got other fish to fry before I start tackling recipes and the legalities and whatnot of including them in my blog.
I have to say that so far these cookies seem to have the slight edge over the previous ATK cookies. Though now I've got to go get me some of those Guittard chocolate chips that the folks over at ATK seem all gaga about now that I find I've been using inferior chocolate chips all these years.
This recipe gels for a couple of reasons.
First: it uses weights so I got to break in my new digital kitchen scale, weighing out gluttonous grams of sugars, butter and chips. 21 ounces of chips...way more than I had on hand after baking the ATK cookies the night before. I only had 10 grams left. What to do? I chopped up most of my freezer reserve dark chocolate to what looked to be close to 4 cups of chocolate.
Which leads to the second reason I like these cookies: Chocolate, chocolate and mo chocolate. Nothing wrong with that. It seems my taste testers preferred this second auditionee for that very same reason.
I did lift a technique from the ATK recipe which is to brown the butter...though I've actually been browning butter for all my baked sweets since making Smitten Kitchens Peach Shortbread.

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