Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Helloooo Gorgeous!

Hello Gorgeous! Grape Foccacia, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.
Grape Foccacia?!? I like pretty pictures and this one turned out pretty good for a low tech cell phone. This hunk of savory sweetness came my way via Smitten Kitchen (natch!) about 3 or 4 recipes into what became my SK addiction. I'd been making a perfectly acceptable foccacia from one of my cookbooks that made the purge cut. Then one morning SK greets me with her amazing image of plump, juicy purple grapes baked onto thick herbey bread, seriously, if my pic looks this good, well, I'm just sayin'.
Then she goes on to describe the surprise grapey-ness of the concord grape, thinking all this time Welch's was faking their grapey grapeness...as it turns out Welch's is nectar of the gods real. Oddly enough I sort of forgot about all of this as I had not quite yet acknowledged my SK addiction.
A few days later I find myself at Richmond Produce and next to what now can only be called the boring green and red grapes are these little green boxes of purple concord grapes. An hour later I've got bread on the rise and a little Whole Foods bag of chunky raw sugar and I'm slicing each grape in half and poking out the seeds with the sharp tip of my brand new paring knife...
Gaaahhh! Insert Rant: Damn ZRNET! OK so I'm using the free wi-fi at Simple Pleasures and it's really starting to piss me off because several times my carefully angsted over and finally finished posts will disappear when I go to publish and the damn log-in page pops up and I'm forced to log in again. It's supposed to give me 2 hours but lately the black hole shows up after less than an hour and then again. I know you get what you pay for. I know that. And maybe one of these days I'll spring for my own internet at home or the $15 for a month of secure wi-fi but that's just what ZRNET wants and I'm not giving in., but that's why I got a netbook to begin with, well other than it was cheap, if not for the portability factor. I can take it anywhere. Gaaaahhhhhh! End Rant.
...popping the occasional disfigured half into my mouth. Holy Crap! I too am amazed at the grapey-ness. So the twice risen bread is smeared with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt, then the grape halves laid on, then fresh rosemary and finally coarse sugar is sprinkled on top of everything,
Baking in the oven this smells absolutely divine and fresh out of the oven it seems naturally paired with a glass of wine, on a sunny porch looking out over a beach or a lake or patio somewhere in the Napa Valley, or a picnic in the park...or sitting on a sofa in jammies with a cup of green tea watching Glee all alone...

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