Sunday, November 14, 2010

Same Cookie Different Day

Same Cookie Different Day, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.
Everything looks sooo much better in the warm morning light. Just as I was about to take off for work I noticed the sun had hit my kitchen table beautifully illuminating its mess in gorgeous sunlight and edgy shadows. I discover that the window of the Little Kitchen has it's window for perfect staging. On a sunny morning its open from about 9:30 to 9:36 as the sun passes the narrow gap between buildings. Seizing the moment, I dumped my bag, shoved all of last nights cookie mess aside and quickly re-plated the cookies knocking off several out of focus shots of "The Cookie". Not bad for a cheap-o cell phone cam.
But, since the chances of me getting my cooking groove on in the wee morning hours and have it all fresh and pretty at THE precise moment and sunlight to illuminate (which is pretty much an anomaly in this part of the city) are slim at best, I guess my next step is calling up my mad skills, not to mention but I will, an NYU Theatrical Design MFA (which I am still paying for) and set the stage in a little corner of the Little Kitchen with the help of a couple of clip lights and some old curtains I've got stashed somewhere and unleash the Food Stylist lurking somewhere in OCD land.

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