Friday, November 11, 2011

Mint Chutney Chicken Sandwich

Mint Chutney Chicken, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.
I am lately obsessed with my new neighborhood market, Fresh and Easy. I find myself the teensiest bit thrilled when I find that weekly circular in my lobby every Tuesday looking for that $5 coupon, the one that they dangle at me a couple of times a month. The one that sucks me in and has me spending more dollars than I've ever dropped at Whole Foods. There are evil geniuses cackling away up in their corporate offices.
How else can I explain buying vegetables in a package and clearance-shelf meat? Why would I be standing at the front door at 7:59 a.m. openopeneopen, then dragging two heavy bags (including 2 gallons of vanilla bean ice cream) plus a full backpack two blocks home.
Whatever. I'm up to my ears in carbs; cinnamon raisin bagels, fresh italian french bread, skillet cornbread and naan. Oh and I bought mini hamburger buns cuz the mini beef sliders were on clearance. Jeez...I've got vegetables mocking me at every turn and most unusual, too much meat. I bought tequila lime chicken breasts...yes more meat at it's sell-by date. It still took me two days to cook it. The Little Kitchen has morphed into it's own whacked out version of The Iron everything on the clearance shelf and make something asap...or not. Iron Stomach Chef?
I then find I must counter-act that chaingrocerystore action by high-tailing it down to the farmers market...ahhhh fresh herbs and tomatoes and corn on the cob. Now we're talking...yet all I did was glance at the Suhki stand and the guy selling  those Indian breads and spreads was pushing bites at me so eagerly that I felt compelled to buy something, and since I'm all about Indian food these days, well the ending is happy. Mint chutney and a bag of 2 large naan rounds.
I made these awesome sandwiches with my manky chicken. I stirred some plain yogurt into the mint chutney to spread on the naan....ooooh dang panini! too late. Stay tuned.

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