Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chili Sauce Chicken salad

Chicken salad, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.
The other day, a friend I affectionately refer to as my test kitchen dummy, showed up with a bag of vine ripened tomatoes, pears, peaches and ancho chile's along with a recipe for Fresh Chili Sauce, a recipe from a co-worker. "I don't see any meat or beans in the recipe though..." he seemed perplexed. I studied the recipe a little longer than necessary "this looks like a condiment". "'ll know what to do with it".
I made the chili sauce, adding my own savory concoction of sauteed onions, garlic, ginger and Indian spices. It turned out really nice. I was amazed at how much I loved the sweetness. I've never included chile sauce in my repertoire so I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. I'm not a big fan of ketchup.
First up...Chicken Salad. I mixed the chili sauce with yogurt, added a little more salt and pepper which really brought out the tangy-ness, then tossed it with my Tikka Masala grilled chicken, chopped pistachios, chopped dried cranberries and cilantro.

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