Sunday, July 3, 2011

cinnamon roll pancakes

cinnamon roll pancakes, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.
Today kicks off the birthday week thusly, I shall gift myself with little indulgences. As soon as I saw these on The Amateur Gourmet's FB page (via, they've been all I could think about for the last two days. This morning I was contemplating breakfast...polenta perhaps? Then I got to thinkin' about butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and streusally swirls all over a multi grain pancake and I could not be stopped. I ixnayed the streusally swirl due to lack of time 'cuz seriously these were sweet enough on their own and I used a multi grain pancake recipe from Good to the Grain that I've grown especially fond of. I had all the ingredients in the house, even the buttermilk ( an overbuy from Smart and Final last week as they were out of quarts) that I've been thinking of ways to get rid of. Anyhoo...yay pantry!
Hence, there was no excuse, and seriously who doesn't like pancakes or cinnamon rolls? only crazy people who don't like sugary stuff. I defy anyone to check this out on recipegirl and NOT run to the pantry and fridge to see if everything is there and want to get these on the table as close to now as humanly possible.
It seems here's another foodie blog I fear will add to my time killer sites.

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