Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mushrooms & Biscuits & Burgers...Oh My!

Breakfast of Champions~I'm all over a new shopping experience. Taking advantage of wheels beyond my ususal two (one of which is currently flat) AND a day off yesterday, I did what I always do when I got me a car is head on down to Target.
Though this is pretty routine for me to do a big cosmetics run (it's more of an excuse to go to Fresh Choice) , it was the first time I explored the relatively new grocery store. I was all "whatever" until...Baby portabellas!?!?! on sale for 99 CENTS?!? ooh! ooh! ooh! (think Horshack) I actually ran back to the front of the store to get a cart, 'Shrooms are my current obsession if you haven't figured that out so even though I had a fridge full of giant portabellas queued up for the bourguignon, I had to purchase these babies. It was all I could do to limit myself to two, my own limit but also the limitation of the fridge at the house. It was already unusually full but it's been like Jenga in there since moving over my perishables and shopping. Yet I couldn't help but think of Jamies Bacon and Mushroom Cream so I immediately went in search of bacon and heavy cream. The first  (and only)  time I made the recipe I omitted the bacon...just forgot to buy it. I loooove me some bacon but I don't buy it or cook it's one of my trigger foods. The previous attempt was delish without but I hate omissions and substitutions the first time out with a recipe. Since then though I latched onto a great tip from Cooks Illustrateds 834 Kitchen Quick Tips: Freezing bacon. Separate the strips and roll each one up and drop them in a freezer bag. Done.
I made the Bacon and Mushroom Cream for breakfast.
This house has a stovetop with a grill in the middle. I brought over some biscuits I had frozen, bought some ground chuck on sale at Target and grilled up a couple of sliders to top my freshly baked biscuits, heated up some of last nights bourguignon and spooned each 'shroomy sauce on top of its very own slider and voila! a seriously gorgeous take on biscuits and gravy, the smoky crunch of the charred burger puts it right over the top. I'm basking in the afterglow this very minute...aaahhh...oh yeah...channeling my inner Anthony Bourdain now...feeling very hedonistic...indulgent...gluttonous...satiated...what...ever. I almost want a glass of red wine and it's not even noon...and a cigarette....
OK, I'm back
The sun came out and I need to embrace it because though I do enjoy hunkering indoors on a rainy day cooking, drinking, watching movies or tooling around the internet (yay! wifi in da house) watching my favorite Live From Daryls House, I'm goin' a tad stir crazy. Between the holiday and weather related lethargy and using the car I'm getting seriously sluggish. Reminds me I gotta take the bike to get the flat fixed. I need to get pedalin' again especially after a meal like I just had.

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