Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stranger in my Kitchen

Acorn squash makes it's Little Kitchen debut. It's been posing in a pretty bowl as part of my kitchen still life for about a month now and this morning I finally attacked it with my chefs knife and some butter and brown sugar, you see, I'm trepidacious when there are strangers in my kitchen. After an hour in the oven it became a super sweet warm guest I would welcome back again. I'll try roasting it next time with some olive oil, salt and pepper.
The Sweet Corn Spoonbread was that persistent guest and I discovered it's beautiful be topped with a little butter, heated up and drizzled with a little agave nectar for breakfast. That was absolutely sublime. All that time was worth it!
The surprise guest teamed up with the late guest and that became another lovely breakfast. The surprise was the new approach to the won ton wrapper by baking it into a cracker. The late guest was the herb & goatcheese ball that had been forgotten in the freezer and missed Thanksgiving.
Then there's my special guest...unsweetened applesauce, that which did not make it into the spiced applesauce cake. This is perfect with my favorite Trader Joes fat free yogurt. The bonus with that yogurt is the containers are perfect when the Little Kitchen has to go on the road.
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