Sunday, December 19, 2010


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I've been hearing the "Hallelujah Chorus" playing in my head since last night whilst baking up the Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies. There's that amazing feeling you get when you have an epiphany then...
the downside, Why? oh why? did I not think of this sooner? I've spent the last 10 years torturing myself during Christmas week by this crazy need to deliver fresh baked cookies to all my friends and loved ones as close to the 25th as possible. Three different cookies. I thought about freezing the cookies last year but that just seemed so wrong on so many levels but freezing the pre-baked cookies!?! That's just brilliant! I can have fresh baked cookies whenever I want them.
I got all the doughs made up and cookies formed in two short evenings earlier this week. Froze the first two batches and left the thumbprint batch wrapped in plastic wrap in the freezer. It was so much easier and less messy to roll the cold dough into balls, they're also a lot firmer and toss around in the egg white and crushed nuts quicker because they're not as delicate and then they're really quick to "thumbprint".
I've still got gougeres and scones in the freezer too.

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