Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Little French Cooking

I had to use up the kale I bought at the farmers market on Sunday so I made up the Tuscan Kale Salad again. I took a note from Jamie Oliver and started saving my jam jars to make up salad dressing. Perfect!
I almost tossed some stale bagette and remembered the croutons, fished the foil wrapped heel outta the garbage, chopped and tossed it in some olive oil then onto the grill pan and voila!

I'd been sitting on this recipe from Dorie Greenspans book. Endives, Apples and Grapes. Oh My! I started off at the farmers market on Sunday when I found the grapes for $1.50 a pound. I don't buy grapes a lot but that seemed like a reasonable price. I got some fuji apples for 75 cents a pound another good deal as I've been seeing them at Richmond Produce for 99 cents I think. The only element that was eluding me was the endive. I've only ever bought it one other time and I recall being a little put off by the when I couldn't find it I figured it was a seasonal thing and I almost gave up thinking that it wouldn't be worth a back track to Whole Foods. I gave it one last shot at the little corner market at 25th & Clement and there it was. I think it was $3.49 a pound but two plump endives don't weigh much so I ended up paying about $1.80 for the two.
Got everything home and cooked it all up thinking "This is the weirdest recipe, cooking grapes and endive?" but then I reminded myself of the awesome grape foccacia and the brilliance of Dorie. No worries. It's all good.The result? Not so good. The grapes and apples were nice but the endive? uhmnn...not loving it. I kept eating, trying to identify it's wrongness. Bitter and bland...can those two things happen at the same time? and the texture...just floppy and unappealing. Oh well...moving on. So far 2 outta 3 ain't bad. The carrots and the gougeres were amazing.

So many more recipes to try. Before returning the book, I picked 10 recipes to copy. I want to make a tart. Well first there's a mushroom and shallot quiche that starts in a tart shell. I bought a new tart pan at Kamei the other day. Tart's it is!
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