Friday, December 3, 2010


I made a big pot of this chili the day before Thanksgiving and even though I gave almost half of it away, I finished off my remainder within a couple of days. Whilst passing by the meat case on my way to the fat-free yogurt at Whole Foods the other day, I noticed they had lean ground beef for $2.99/lb. and I knew that this chili was once again to make an appearance in my near future.
This was another Smitten Kitchen recipe I wrote about last month when I'd made it with her recipe for Cheddar Sour Cream Biscuits. This time I topped it on my first batch of Sweet Corn Spoonbread...the original batch that came out a little leaden firm. Since I won't toss anything, especially anything this tasty and even though I had a fresh batch of moister spoonable spoonbread I gave the heavy stuff a fitting burial-under this pile of chili, cheese and sour cream. Perfect.
This chili is not only delish but it cooks up fairly fast, about an hour all total. I've made chilis in the past that have simmered away for hours and as much as I love the smell of a kitchen with chili cooking away, the friends and family only care about the chow down and the beer.
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