Monday, January 3, 2011

Ringing in the New Year - Veggiepalooza

Whole Lotta Veg!, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.
I usher in the new year with a couple of healthy resolutions: of course fruits and vegetables need major attention. It was a busy night in the Little Kitchen Annex. I've been noodling around in a kitchen not much bigger than my own but certainly more well equipped. It's the supersized stove top with it's groovy grill. The burger never got so much love.
 Last night I revved up the veggie cookery. First up was the Mushroom Bourguignon again. I made Cream Biscuits in the morning and the 'Shroom Bourguignon was one of those triumphs that begged an encore asap. Got back to May Wah and picked up more shrooms last night. Lessee price wise two large caps weighing in at 6oz total were 1.99 (about $5 lb.) Perhaps I should start considering costs here. Not to be cheap but just to know for comparison purposes. The shrooms were the only purchase for this batch. To do this again wine and shrooms should be all I need.
So As soon as I get back home the Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone gets attacked. This is gonna mean not only do I chart my course on this here wee blog but I also intend to foist my Veg Attack shenanigans on my poor old Weight Watchers chums. Free registration means I've not excuses now. Oh and I'm gonna do the salsa thang. 
Anyhoo I got this wild hair up my butt and decided I would make my own vegetable stock. Where this goes? Who knows. I found a recipe at the food network. Emeril. A lot going on. Oh well...what the hell. Yes there were simpler recipes out there but I latched onto this for some crazy reason. Was it the wine? Too bad I drank it all before I got a chance to put it into soup. So here's what I bought tonite to go into this hot mess:
tomatoes, leeks, yellow onion, yellow squash, carrots, turnip, parsnip, more rosemary, more thyme and basil. I already had on hand some celery, mushroom parts, garlic, shallots and pepper parts. Umm $15 later. Perhaps the carton stuff ain't such a bad idea after all. So I got home and I chopped and diced and roasted it all up as per Emerils instructions and BAM! Four baking sheets loaded with veg and what took about 2 hours and I don't have anything to contain my herb sachet. No string. No cheesecloth and no wine! oh and I forgot the bay leaf. I've got a whole fresh jar at home but I'm current still in the kitchen annex with pooches at my feet waiting for me to dro\p something on the floor so they can snarffle it up.
Last up was finally cooking up the apples that were serious ready to shrivel up and die. Applesauce! brilliant.

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