Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pretty Citrus Salad

Citrus salad, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.

I spend many hours a day in a dangerous place, surrounded by temptation and easy access. Fresh hot tortilas whenever I want them, the lightest flakiest melt-n-your-mouth tortilla chips and cheese and cremas and sauces and all manner of Tex-Mex goodness. I'm pretty good at maneuvering my way through the mire. I've decided to take a new perspective and find new ways to make my own meals making the most and the best of my work ingredients.
I saw this gorgeous citrus salad on SK while bouncing through some archives and I had just bought some Cara Cara's. Blood Oranges are our current promo and we always have oranges there, fresh mint and makings for the citrus dijon dressing. So I packed up my cara caras and chopped up some red onion though I forgot to bring feta I used some cotija that was on hand.

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