Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Parsnip & Ginger Soup

Par but snip & Ginger Soup, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.
I know a whole lotta nothin' about parsnips. Thus in my attempt to try  something new  I gave this one a test drive. Oh my this is really great! I'm still not sure what a parsnip actually tastes like, I'm really loving the ginger. The soup is very gingery. Nuthin' wrong with that.
So after last nights venture into making veggie stock I looked up some new soup recipes and found this one for Parsnip and Ginger Soup from Jamie Olivers Kitchen Revolution cookbook I'd gotten from the library a few weeks back. Seeing that I had every element on hand for this one except for the parsnips I skipped on up to the produce market and snatched up a little pile of parsnips (they look like pale carrots) and voila! my first soup conjured up from the homemade vegetable stock and score! This is really really good. My first attempt at cooking with fresh ginger was at Thanksgiving with Dorie Greenspans carrots. Seeing as the kids even liked it I was motivated to try it out elsewhere. I picked up some fresh ginger a couple of weeks ago at the farmers market and it's just been sitting there waiting for its moment and here it is.
Ever since I picked up the Olivers Twist DVD's at the library several months back I've been in love with Jamie Oliver. I mean, not only is he as cute as all get out, he is brilliant with just a simple kind of guys approach to the kitchen. Nuthin'fancy. Simple local ingredients. Delish and hearty meals. He's just some footballer who likes to spend time in the kitchen. Of course he's so much more than that but he exudes a real simple kick ass approach to the kitchen...something any guy could do with minimal effort. I love how he just snatches stuff up and bashes it around a bit and comes up with these awesome meals. Nothing fancy or pretentious.

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