Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shaved Asparagus Pizza...

...or salad or...?
Today was the Little Kitchen version of Iron Chef. Challenge: Refrigerator Rescue. Various and sundry items teetering on the edge of the trash can were: 2 red peppers, a forgotten half bundle of asparagus-dang! I just made pizza yesterday with a brand new fresh bunch, a whole basket of strawberries-how the hell did that happen?!?, a half bunch of scallions-pssss there's a surprise, 2 fuji apples, a half bunch of mint-it was a full bunch before I picked off all the black leaves, 2 half peeled heads of cabbage-meh...these'll go for another couple of days if I peel off the manky layers and then the Barefoot Contessa Cole Slaw will be mine-by then the remaining blue cheese will be nice and ripe.
I roasted the peppers, then tossed them into a marinated salad with the shaved asparagus, scallions and tossed it with some shaved parmesean and wait!... a chiffonade of mint you say?  (I had Simply Ming on the dvd and heard those exact words inspiring me from the other room). The shrooms got sauteed and went into a chicken pot pie and the fruit all went into a crisp.

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