Saturday, June 18, 2011

Asian Pesto

a.m. Pesto, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.
This morning, thirty minutes before I'm supposed to be out of the door, I decide I must make pesto. I saw this on Simply Ming a few weeks back and it intrigued me with its mix of basil, mint and cilantro. It appeared at just the right moment 'cuz I had cilantro and mint teetering on the verge of the trash can and basil flourishing on my window sill. The recipe calls for roasted peanuts and ginger in addition to the traditional garlic and olive oil. There's no parmesan but there is lemon zest. It's absolutely unbelievably good. In the brilliance of Simply Ming he uses it in several ways, including the shrimp shu mai I made with it. That was good. What turned out to be my new favorite thing is to make a chicken salad with it or just spread it on toasted whole grain bread with some sliced grilled chicken breast.
A couple of days ago I bought the ingredients to do it again. I wasn't planning to make it this morning but just as I was getting ready to get ready for work I noticed that the sun was shining into my kitchen window onto my basil  in such an inspiring way and I got to thinking of the pesto waiting to be made and decided I had to have a Pesto Chicken Sandwich for lunch TODAY...and of course I'd just spent a good part of the morning cleaning the disaster that was my kitchen from last nights kitchen madness and the polenta and poached egg I'd just made for breakfast...and well, I cannot keep my kitchen clean for long. My kitchen cleaning strategy is to clean my kitchen just before I leave for work, so when I get home I'm ready for all sorts of activity. A clean kitchen inspires me. Ming inspires me. Basil inspires me. I did have to pedal as if my feet were on fire, but I did manage to make it to work with 10 minutes to spare. Now I'm looking for all new ways to procrastinate going home because the Little Kitchen is surely strewn with bowls and oily spatulas and spoons with crusty green paste stuck to everything.
Oh and the new photo editing tool on flickr inspires me.

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