Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Olive Oil Cake

In the last several months I've seen Olive Oil Cake recipes popping up all over. First on Smitten Kitchen, who got her inspiration from Melissa Clark's Good Appetite, who got her inspiration from Dorie Greenspan, and so on....this recipe came from Good to the Grain. It includes bittersweet chocolate and rosemary....hhhmmmnnnnnnn....
 I was leery yet intrigued, Olive Oil Cake? It doesn't fuel the imagination in the same way as say, Summer Strawberry Cake, more along the lines of Cauliflower weird that it must be brilliant. SK's photos always look great and that can be inspiration enough and since  I have developed unconditional trust of these here cooking divas, I'll try anything once.
Yesterday, faced with a day off and a half-baked plan to bake, I realized I was out of butter and it was pouring rain. I was not inclined to either get dressed or leave the house so the Olive Oil Cake made it's Little Kitchen debut...and Yes! it was pretty damn brilliant.

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