Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baked Polenta Fries

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Polenta makes me happy! ...and sometimes I can NOT leave well-enough alone. In keeping with my love of polenta, I've been trying different ways to use it. This was a hybrid of two recipes. One from 101 Cookbooks and another from Epicurious. The baking part was a little problematic.  Twenty minutes (10 on each side) at 400 wasn't nearly enough. When I went to flip them over at  10 minutes they were soft and falling apart. Left them a little more....and a little more....some were crispy and definitely ready for a turn while the few stubborn ones just didn't seem to wanna crisp up at all. They ended up crispy but kinda dry. Tasty though. My agenda was to use up a big block of swiss cheese that was closing in on it's shelf life and find a new riff on my favorite thing-Polenta.
These are good. They are best when eaten fresh from the oven. I reheated some this morning and I found that reheating in the microwave soggies them and reheating in the oven dries them out even more.
If I hadn't broken my pizza stone I'd have tossed them onto a preheated stone for 2 minutes and that probably would have been just perfect. Waaaaahhhh!

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