Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.
It seems weird to admit that I never roasted a chicken until I was 50. That first time was thanks to America's Test Kitchen. It was an epiphany (yes...I do use that word a lot in my kitchen discoveries). It's not an easy task, but the results bring me a tremendous amount of satisfaction. First thing I do is dive into that juicy chicken breast. I slice it off and just stand there over the cutting board eating it with a fork.
I'm in the white meat camp, from childhood asking for my portion of the Thanksgiving turkey doused with mashed potatoes and gravy. Fans of the dark meat trash the white meat as dry and tasteless.
The trick to juicy white poultry meat is in the brining. Letting your bird submerge in a loooonnnnnnnng cold bath of salt, sugar and water for at least an hour or so. I"m a big fan of the overnight brine.
Next plan for the bird is chicken salad for sandwiches. This time I used a Simply Ming Asian Pesto and tossed it with the chicken topped onto some toasted multi grain boulot from La Boulange and was good to go for a couple of days. Then the rest of the chicken gets cut up and tossed into a pot cooking up all kinds of refigerator rescues including the rest of the pesto, leftover roasted potatoes, asparagus, carrots, onions, garlic, roasted peppers and frozen corn. Then I stir in some chicken broth and sherry, let that cook down a bit and done.
The mix is turned into a casserole dish and topped with and herb biscuit topping that I load  on by the ice-cream scoop full and then bake away.
This seriously rocks! Next day nuke some in a bowl, top it off a poached egg, S 'n P then some shaved parm and breakfast is done!

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