Monday, August 15, 2011

roasted tomato omelet with caramelized onions and blue cheese

It's been a week of firsts and oddly enough I have Gwyneth Paltrow to thank and my neighborhood public library. I've had GP's cookbook My Fathers Daughter on a hold request for months now and I finally got it last week. I sensed it's potential when even before I was midway through my page by page perusal I had tagged more than ten recipes.
The grand testament to this books inspiring and persuasive presentation is that GP has done what no other has managed to do...convince me to eat brussels sprouts! Seriously. I may have been force fed brussels sprouts as a kid. I must have blacked that out. Some kitchen trauma caused my perceived distrust distaste for them.
She doesn't really create a "recipe" for brussels sprouts. She instructs to steam them for a few minutes, slice them in half then pan fry in olive oil, sprinkled with a little salt and pepper and then finish off with fresh lemon juice. Soooo simple and surprisingly good. I will do them again. Tonight.
Two nights ago I made the Slow Roasted Tomatoes (again from GP's book) and I had the same reaction as I did the first time I tried the caramelized onions...HOLY CRAP!!!! these are magical. What's great is that with about 2 minutes of preparation, I can sit back and leave it all alone. The tomatoes get sliced in half (through the equator) brushed with a tiny bit of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt, onto a cookie sheet and set into a pre-heated 275F oven for 3-5 hours. They're done when the edges are darkened and most of the moisture is gone. In the meantime the onions (about 5 or 6) medium sized, get peeled and sliced then tossed around a hot dutch oven with 2 T of olive oil to get them all coated and given some time to start to brown around the edges. Then they go on to cook on a low heat for an hour or so until they're all caramelized into a jammy sweetness that are magical in so many ways. I've become obsessed with them wrapped in a corn tortilla with a sprinkling of blue cheese.

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