Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eggplant Pizza

Eggplant Pizza, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.
I've been bikeless for ten days now and I'm starting to freak out about the severe reduction in exercise and the calories I'm no longer burning. I was at the produce market yesterday vowing to continue my quest to bring fruits and vegetables back into the little kitchen everyday. I'm also trying to revisit the idea of trying something new. Then I saw the big eggplant for a $1 and decided to give it another shot. I'm still on the fence about the eggplant. I bought my first one last summer when I had access to a grill and it was pretty darn good. I'd also made an eggplant crostini that needs to be made again. That's actually what I was going to do when I got this one, yet as the ADD goes I spent half the morning googling eggplant recipes and when I hit upon the Eggplant Pizza on epicurious, I was like "of course!" if it can't work on a pizza then there's just no hope - and since I had all the ingredients on hand this was the decided task of the day...yet I kept looking and finally stopped at Eggplant Pilaf (it was a very large eggplant).
I think the pizza looks kinda pretty and it does taste good. I'm just trying to find the eggplant. I'm tasting the cheeses, garlic and the heat of the red pepper flakes.
Oh and I was just informed that eggplant is a fruit. I learn something new everyday.

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