Wednesday, April 27, 2011


All in all a very productive week in the kitchen. I made these Little Quinoa Patties the other night. First time with quinoa and I'm hooked. Loving the flavor and texture and it's versatility. These will taste awesome with a dollop of tzatziki on top and a nice little salad. I'm thinking spinach with nuts and apples.

White Bean Spread...What can I say except note to self: white beans. crock pot. tonight.

Multigrain pancakes. It's really not that hard to throw this batter together and it doesn't suffer too much the next day or later that evening or the day after that even. Dang! I just remembered that I bought strawberries yesterday. Now I gotta have the last of this for dinner tonight.

These Little Quinoa Patties are another great "Next Day" quickie meal. These went really nicely with the pancakes, following them right into the hot pan.

In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite came in todays mail and Good to the Grain came yesterday, this ones already got about 15 bookmarks. So far the ramifications of my drunk clicking hasn't led to any regrets.
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