Wednesday, April 13, 2011

La Mediterranee

La Mediterranee, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.
Every now and again there's the desire and necessity to explore beyond the little kitchen and seek inspiration in the three dimensional world. I eat out so rarely these days and when I do it's usually for convenience, a need for fuel during the a mad rush of a day.
A while back though, before life got crazy and after I made a dedicated decision to expand my somewhat limited palate, I found myself in this tiny gem on Fillmore St, La Meditteranee. I'd ventured in to their original location in the Castro many years ago with one of my old travelling pals in the attempt to re-capture a little bit of an ancient trip to the Greek Islands. 20 years ago though, my idea my idea of exotic culinary adventure seemed fulfilled by beers of the world, souvlaki and tzatziki dip with french fries.
La Meditterranee is more Middle Eastern than Greek, similar but different. Though more adventurous in my eating, I do need the comfort of familiarity and when it comes to Middle Eastern cuisine nothing is more comforting than tzatziki, a yogurt and cucumber dip that I could just eat by the spoonful. Many, many spoonfuls. On this menu it's called Djajiki. I ordered it in combination with something new to me called Harisa, a dip consisting of tomatoes, roasted red peppers and walnuts. I was particularly amused by the artistry.

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