Friday, January 6, 2012

Chocoholic Bliss Baby

Peanutella, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.
This was a little something I came across at Smitten Kitchen earlier in the year and I've been anxiously waiting for an occasion to make it again, so I whipped up several batches for the "holidaze" and just now got to thinking that there's another holiday approaching, one in which I generally do NOT partake, that this would be perfect for.
I'm ever-so-grateful to have some truly amazing friends and family in my life that I couldn't hold this one back.
Imagine one crazy day you got the sudden urge to make your own peanut butter and while those toasted peanuts where whirrrrrrring around and liquifying in your food processor, a bunch of rich, dark cocoa powder accidentally fell into that little tube part that just happened to be open followed by a box of powdered sugar...well, after you cleaned up the big huge mess you might just be left with something like...

Peanutella ooops! I mean Chocolate Peanut Spread as Smitten Kitchen calls it.  

Go here right now and get this recipe and make it for the people you love...starting with you. Serve it with a spoon.

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