Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Waffle Doilies

I hardly ever make waffles...but I love them. I love the word waffles. I love the word doily too.
I was inspired a few months ago by an Americas Test Kitchen recipe called Best Ever Waffles which involved beating egg whites with cream of tartar into a meringue and then folding it into the mixture thus producing light airily delicious waffles. They were pretty awesome and would have been worth the effort had there been a kitchen full of waffle eaters to enjoy them as much as I did. Saving the remaining batter for the next day and the day after that, however tasty and edible, are just average. It's not worth all that extra effort and extra bowl cleaning.
This time, I was inspired by the Multigrain Waffles from Good to the Grain.
I only wanted to clean the waffle iron once so I cooked up all the batter in one shot and reheated the cooked waffles. Not an optimal choice but when you're cooking for one you've gotta make some compromises. I also decided that when cooking the waffle, to err on the side of skimpy...creating the waffle doily. They stack up prettier, I think. There's no spillage to ooze out of the waffle iron and harden all over the place, cuz who cleans the iron after every waffle pressing? ...well maybe my mother, but she'd have had the process down to a science, measuring the batter portion to get the perfectly squared waffle and she'd be right there with a hot wet towel should any batter dare to ooze out of her waffle iron, cursing at it while she wiped. 
These multigrain waffles had such a nice flavor that all they need is a light drizzle of agave nectar and a small dollop of butter. I've been using European butter lately to spread on breads and it's quite tasty on the waffle too.
The batch lasted a couple of days and the waffles didn't seem to suffer much in the reheat process.
I tried a couple of re-heat methods 'cuz I don't have a toaster. The microwave waffles are limp and soft. I tried toasting them in a dry non-stick skillet,  but they burned before they ever got crispy. What ended up working the best was tossing them onto a hot pizza stone. I suspect it's time to buy a toaster.

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