Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fun with Onions

I will never look at a yellow onion ever again without salivating over their caramelized awesomeness. I used to hold the yellow onion in distain, opting for the more flavorful and less boring red onion. I never knew.
I had tagged a recipe for Blue Cheese and Onion Scones in Good to the Grain a while back. I finally made it to the Farmers Market and bought a measly few yellow onions, being the first time and all making caramelized onions as an entity unto itself, I shoulda bought more. Live and learn.
I cook them into all kinds of stuff but I've never found the need to cook them all by themselves...until last night. The recipe for the Blue Cheese and Onion Scones includes Onion Jam. Onion Jam? Dutch oven, full of sliced raw onion, cooks down for an hour and a half to yield one cup of onion jam. The recipe calls for only half the onions...hmmnnn what to do with the rest? Sam the Cooking Guy to the rescue. Red Onion and Blue Cheese Quesadillas. Kinda patriotic...but seriously, caramelized onions with melty blue cheese on a corn tortilla. Sublime! yet sooooo simple. Ever the Guy, Sam speeds up the caramelization by adding a little brown sugar to the cooked red onion and adding the blue cheese right into the non-stick skillet. I envision a hot mess there.
I choose heaping spoonfuls of the onion jam into a bowl and top it with crumbled blue cheese, nuke it for a minute while the tortillas heat up in the non-stick skillet, then spoon the mix on top of the tortilla in the pan, fold it in half and DONE!
Oh my god. I've got to go home and try sticking some sliced apples in there this time.
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