Friday, May 13, 2011

Blue Cheese and Onion Quesadillas!

Seriously?!? These are pretty fantastic. I had this onion jam I'd made from Good to the Grain, left over from my Blue Cheese and Onion Scones (de-LISH btw). Sam the Cooking Guy had a recipe for Red Onion and Blue Cheese Quesadillas on his website. I'd caramelized my yellow onions for almost an hour and 45 minutes. Sam has a speedier version that he does with brown sugar and red onions. Either way I suspect these would be awesome. I'm a new convert to blue cheese after making a smittenkitchen cole slaw (via Ina Garten) that called for quite a bit of blue cheese and dijon mustard that was amazing.
Sweet caramelized onions and blue cheese together in a corn tortilla?! Freakin' amazing.
I have to add that the parallel of the simple, Sam the Cooking Guy and the whole grain healthiness of Good to the Grain pretty much illustrates my life. Two disparate forces, converging to create bliss. Opposites really do attract!
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