Friday, May 13, 2011


I love pesto more than anything...and true to nature, I've never made it before. Until last night. The giant bunches of basil are BACK! the farmers market for a dollar a bunch. Sunday morning I bought a big bunch and placed it in a small vase on my windowsill as I always do. Next morning it had completely wilted! By comparison I'd bought a small-ish bundle from my local produce market about two weeks ago or so prior to the farmers market trip and the remainder was still thriving and rooting and sprouting.
Yet, I continued to let the new basil wilt and the old basil grow and finally made pesto last night, I knowing that if I'd let it go one more day, I'd be tossing that basil right into the trash.
I didn't pound it by mortar and pestle, like my current collection of recipe books instruct. I threw it into the Cuisinart and processed the shit out of it.
It was sublime! and super super simple. I had this multi colored pasta mixture of farfalle, rotelli, shells and whatever that spiral-y honeycomb-y like shaped pasta is called, that I'd bought at Rainbow a couple of months ago. This is perfect for pesto because there are sooooo many places for the pesto to just wedge itself into to flavor up every nook and cranny of pasta.
A revelation!
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