Thursday, January 2, 2014

The New Year begins...

...with pizza dough rising and cookie dough mixing. Whaaaat??? Just when I thought I was done with the cookies. I just couldn't help myself and in spite of falling victim to the virus that I've been managing to avoid since Thanksgiving, I met the New Year with fever and fervor.
I've been sadly negligent of my little blog here of late. That doesn't mean that the little kitchen hasn't been a hotbed of activity. There were boxes and boxes of Christmas cookies baked and many many aprons stitched and recipes illustrated. The little kitchen gets crafty this year and my one and only new years resolution is to post weekly and not worry about it not being some delectable foodie revelation. Sometimes it's just about pizza dough.
The year did not start with a bang.
Yesterday was a blaaahh, stay in my new Christmas jammies all day and watch back to back episodes of Burn Notice, eating only white rice with butter, salt and pepper.
Today I woke up and could actually breathe again. So I got to to work 'cuz hold onto your hats-
I finally got a Kitchen Aid stand mixer!
Yaaaay and mucho thanks to my fabu seester.
First up I made pizza dough following a recipe from the book that came with the mixer. It was good and the pizza was fine. Nothing spectacular. Next I tried making focaccia and the results were underwhelming. Not surprising since I used the same pizza dough recipe.
So I went a-googling and came up with this Bobby Flay recipe from the Food Network. It turned out pretty great. Nice and puffy and chewy and bready. I liked it. The best part was that I made it with some old bread flour that I had in my "pantry" other wise known as the big plastic storage box under my kitchen table.
Just keepin' it real. HaPpY nEw YeAr!!!!

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