Monday, February 6, 2012

red hot red velvet cupcakes

I've been obsessed with cupcakes obsessed that I fanticize about spending my days baking and decorating cupcakes. I decided Saturday would be such a day. Cupcakes, as a rule, don't generally factor into my lifestyle. No kids or bake sales, mostly social events that tend to lean toward 7- Layer Mexican Dip or chocolate chip cookies. But I'm always trying to venture into uncharted kitchen territory and the Super Bowl gave me a scattered array of recipients/tasters. Red Velvet Cupcakes seemed like an appropriate place to start. My recipe search landed me on this recipe from Oprah Magazine.
The cake was super moist and tasty. The spicy icing, thanks in part to my special reserve of Penzey's Extra-Fancy Vietnamese Cinnamon, was red hot. The disappointment challenge ended up being the consistency. The icing was too runny to hold any shape so the final flourish was sadly sad, but it was all in the name of practice. I was actually happy that the wonky, starry swirls and ripples diffused themselves into a slow fade because there would have been certain tragedy had I actually managed to achieve quality flourish only to see it all destroyed in the transport. The bicycle basket and a tupperware container are a bad combo.
I think I'll leave the cupcakes to the professionals and stick with cookies.

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