Saturday, April 19, 2014

Oh Joy!

Several years ago I owned about 60+ cookbooks-yet I've never owned this one. I preferred my cookbooks to be big and glossy. Lots of pics. I also had stacks and stacks of magazines and a giant binder bursting with recipes torn out of magazines and recipe cards collected from grocery stores. I never cooked. Once I started cooking I purged all but 20 books and the two cookie magazines I use every Christmas. I made 3 promises to the little kitchen: 1) I will not clutter you with cookbooks, 2) I will cook the books that live within your 28 inches of shelf space, 3) I will walk around the corner to the library for guest cookbooks... but every now and then, a book (or 4) will charm its way onto my shelf.
On the corner (& very close to it) of 17th and Valencia St. in San Francisco's Mission District, are two of my favorite places: El Toro Taqueria and Community Thrift Store.
Whilst killing time Monday night, waiting for my cheesemaking class to start at 18 Reasons, I wandered into Community Thrift hoping to find an old issue of Cooks Illustrated to accompany me and the giant carne asada burrito I planned to devour at my next stop. I headed to the cookbook section. No Cooks Illustrated but I hit the motherlode in cookery books. I happily suspended my moratorium on cookbook purchasing. I really, really did say to myself "self: just buy one. Pick one". I clearly have no self control. In addition to this perfect copy of The Joy of Cooking, I snagged The Fanny Farmer Cookbook by Marion Cunningham (another classic), The Cheese Course by Janet Fletcher (she writes the Cheese Course column for the SF Chronicle), and Chocolate & Zucchini-Recipes from my Paris Kitchen (one of my favorite blogs from one of my favorite cities) all for a whopping grand total of $7.25. Score!
Meanwhile, back in the little kitchen (and kitchens elsewhere), it's been a hotbed of activity but technical difficulties have been causing me to hit a wall when it comes to hitting "publish". 

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