Saturday, April 7, 2012

shaved asparagus pizza

shaved asparagus pizza, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.
This is the pizza that changed my life. Much has happened in the little kitchen since I first discovered this gorgeous pizza at my favorite food blog Smitten Kitchen. I can't pass by a bundle of asparagus without the image of this pizza distracting me from what ever the task-at-hand may be. I can make it in my sleep. I really do. When I have trouble sleeping, envisioning my way through a cooking task is my version of counting sheep. I did that last night, except I started getting hungry. I got up and did two things: nuked a bowl of polenta* and shaped pizza dough balls.
Backing up a bit, I'm experimenting with a new tactic and recipe. I've been carrying around the March issue of Bon Appetit for a month now, inspired by the gorgeous pizza on the cover and its promise to reveal How to Make Pizza Like a Pro. YES! I want to go to there. I've read it over and over, just dreaming of some kitchen time, and making list after list of all the pizza topping I want to try. The pro is Jim Lahey (from NYC's Sullivan Street Bakery) and the recipe is for his No Knead Pizza Dough. Yesterday morning I mixed up the dough which took mere minutes and left it to rise and ferment all day and half the night. So when I started thinking about pizza, I realized the requisite 18 hours had passed since I'd set the dough to rise. I shaped it into 6 balls, wrapped each in plastic and put them in the fridge. In the meantime I stumbled across this post over at Love and Olive Oil. Frozen pizza! Brilliant! The secret is to partially pre-bake the crust.
I am sooooo doing this tonight.
*I stirred in some crumbled bacon I'd already pre-cooked for tonights pizza into the polenta, along with some more parmesan and butter and dang! it was good.

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