Friday, January 4, 2013

Cashew Butter Balls

It's a week into the New Year and I've only just come up with my resolution. I have only one: To learn some thing new. Every day. It will probably be kitchen related most likely, but I'm keeping my eyes and ears wide open. Really, we all learn new things everyday. We just don't always remember them, or think them relevent enough to our lives to take particular note of.
This one's pretty simple, general and as good of a place to start as any:
You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.
So, I start this year with a new take on an old favorite. Back to back posts on what is essentially the same cookie. The subtle differences that make one damn good and the other one sheer bliss.
These Cashew Butter Balls are a gigantic leap forward for what I thought was the crowning stand-out of my holiday baking-the Mexican Wedding Cakes, or what I started calling Sugar Bombs. They are always the first to disappear from every cookie tray or tin I've turned out for the last 10 years. I thought that they were perfect just they way they were. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. So many recipes, so little time...and all that jazz.
Yet, when a post as timely and gorgeous as Smitten Kitchen's pops up on my radar, I get all twitchy with anticipation. I attempt to wrangle my kitchen OCD for the greater good and go all ATK on these bad boys.  So much so, that I was compelled, for the first time ever, to bake AFTER Christmas. That's saying something.
These were brilliant. I love them so much that I have started my new tradition of The New Year Cookie. I gifted these to friends I met up with between Christmas and New Year's Day. I made up two gift boxes, saving about 6 for myself. I was actually going to bring them to the cafe and share them with Sheena, but they never made it. Once I ate the first one and it was so delightful, I had to have another, just to make sure I wasn't over-reacting. Once I ate the third, it was all over. These buttery, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth bites of nutty heaven are addicting. I dub thee Crack Cookies.
I suspect, if I never make another cookie but this, for the rest of my life, I shall make all of my friends and family very happy as they curse the crap outta me.

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