Sunday, November 11, 2012

sweet and sour pork

sweet and sour pork, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.
Yesterday was a great day in the little kitchen. It started with the revelation that sweet and sour pork can be really good, thanks to Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. I've had this recipe bookmarked for months now, when a certain test kitchen dummy casually asked if I had a good recipe for sweet and sour pork. No, because I don't particulary like it. Hmmnnn all the more reason to give it a go. 24 hours, a Google-thon and a trip to the library later...I found the recipe. forward to yesterday. I now have my very own copy of Food Revolution and I finally made the sweet and sour pork. It was super good and ridiculously easy. I have only ever eaten take-out sweet and sour pork. It has to be practically force fed to me when whoever I'm with insists on sharing.  I don't hate it. I just don't like it enough to order it myself. I've always found it way too sweet for my liking. So, I wasn't all that inspired to attempt it until I came across Jamie's version, which is not overwhelmed by syrupy sweetness.  The chinese five-spice blend is a new and much welcomed addition to the little kitchen pantry. The discovery of  keeper recipes always makes me happy so the day had already felt complete, purposeful and productive.
I had no sooner snapped the picture above when I got a phone call from my friend and neighbor Sheena, informing me that our Smitten Kitchen Cookbooks had arrived and she was coming right over with it. Wheeee!!!

This has not left my hands since Sheena handed if off to me. I carried it to the library where I finally paid off my record high overdue fines, relieved and free to check out dvds again.  Nothing left to do but spend  the remainder of the day, and well into this morning, pouring over my much anticipated new kitchen companion from cover to cover, bookmarking away and planning shopping lists that will keep me occupied through the new year. Jamie who?

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