Sunday, September 2, 2012

little kitchen still life

little kitchen still life, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.
A couple of posts ago, I shared my enlightening experience preparing pastry and fresh pasta dough in my friends kitchen atop their marble pastry board.
Last weekend, with those verysame friends, we were headed to the Alemany Flea Market when I mentioned that I was in search of my own slab of marble. Rick says "oh! I know a much better place to find that". Within 5 minutes we'd pulled up to a bay side salvage yard and 5 minutes after that we were loading up my very own, big ol' slab of pink marble here.Yay Building REsources!
I've been waiting all week to make my first pastry on it. I snapped the above picture just before getting my chilled pie dough out for chicken pot pie. The roasted tomatoes would eventually end up in the pot pie.
The great news is that the pastry rolled out beautifully and I shall fear it no more! The bad news is I fear I may have wasted it.
After spending the majority of the day roasting the chicken, making stock and preparing the chicken pot pie filling, I took a Tia Margarita break and a trip to Fresh and Easy. Whilst engaged in a very long, long-distance phone conversation once I got back home, I decided to assemble the chicken pot pie. The bottom pastry had been chilling in the pie plate and the top layer was in the freezer, crimped, cut out and ready for assembly. It wasn't until about an hour later I realized I'd forgotten 2 crucial steps: I didn't prick the bottom crust with a fork and I didn't partially bake it. Waaah!
I still haven't baked it, so I sit here procrastinating. Do I just go ahead and bake it anyway or take it all apart and mix up a batch of herb biscuits?
It IS about the journey after all...sigh...

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