Monday, May 14, 2012

Pasta Bolognese

Pasta Bolognese, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.
I believe I have finally crossed the line as a procrastinator of the highest and worst order. I suspect therapy might need to be considered. With a To Do list growing faster than I can manage, deadlines approaching, and scarce time to do much of anything, for some inexplicable reason I found myself noodling around a thrift store last week where I picked up a couple of out-of-date issues of O Magazine looking for something to read on the bus...except I wasn't riding the bus. Days later I started flipping through one and found myself immersed in a very charming article about  the miss-steps the author had made through out her single years when cooking for men. Then one day  this Pasta Bolognese , "the most seductive sauce on earth" became the catalyst in transforming boyfriend to husband. I only then flipped back to discover  I was reading Feb 2007...groooaaaaaan!
I probably should have stopped right there, except, obviously I didn't. I kept reading...this somewhat traditional bolognese is one of those sauces that cook low and slow for about 5 hours. Did THAT stop me? clearly not. The urgency to run up to Fresh and Easy to buy pounds of red meat surpassed all else.
So I spent the entire night making this sauce...relying heavily on my infernal internal 3 a.m. alarm clock to get me up to turn off the stove, praying that I would effortlessly (if only) fall back into sleep, whilst letting this love sauce cool until morning.

The upshot: freakin' amazing and worth the effort!

As for marriage proposals? Stay tuned.

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