Sunday, March 11, 2012

my ultimate breakfast sandwich

breakfast sandwich, originally uploaded by riptideredsf.
This is a little something I whipped up the other morning after my visit to Tartine Bakery, where I finally managed to snag a loaf of their country bread fresh out of the oven. This bread is what I can only aspire to make. Super crunchy exterior and an airy, slightly sour interior. It's also enormous. After paying 8.75 for that loaf (ouch) I was determined to plan every subsequent meal around it. My first meal was just the fresh from the bakery slices topped with a little butter. That was my dinner. Bread and butter:-) I had planned to make a tomato soup inspired by Heidi over at 101cookbooks, to go with my lovely loaf but by the time I managed to take my face out of the still warm loaf, I was so satisfied I didn't feel the least bit compelled to deal with the morning kitchen sink mess which was a necessary prerequisite to any cooking. So I just turned out the lights and went to bed.
This sandwich was inspired by this recent post from Smitten Kitchen. So day 2 of my country loaf saw me building this little bit of breakfast magic. Slices were toasted, then slathered with some dijon. The layers commence with a couple of slices of bacon, a scrambled egg, a sprinkle of grated cheese, salsa and slivered basil. This will be the greater purpose of any and all artisan breads that make their way into my kitchen.
The end of my loaf, only slightly teetering on the edge of stale, ended up in yesterdays bento. I cut up the heel into bite sized pieces to slather with roasted pepper hummus.


  1. your blogs make me drool.... I wish that I was 1/2 as creative as you are in the kitchen!

    1. Thanks Cort;-) My go-to inspirational food blogs are and Check them out and they'll make you want to cook.